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info line Sorrento Car Service and shore excursions
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Sorrento Car Service organize private shore excursions from the following ports:


Naples Port

Salerno Port

Amalfi Port

Sorrento Port

Also from other Italian ports on request.
This is a service which has been created purposely for those on a cruise, wishing to discover the most charming spots in Campania, a region which is rich in history and tradition.

Our tours have been meticulously planned to ensure that visitors get the opportunity to thoroughly explore the beauty and history of their destination.

Recommendations for guests of cruise ships calling at Naples, Salerno, Amalfi, and Sorrento

These four cities are exposed along the Neapolitan coast and 4 points for tourism in Campania, here's why:


is a metropolitan city one of the most beautiful in the world and geographically is interned in the North of the Gulf of Naples. The city's port is a major tourist and commercial airport they arrive every week, many cruise ships from which disembark for sightseeing many foreign passengers who have a desire to visit picturesque towns like Marechiaro, Posillipo, Portici, Ercolano, and many other towns and villages on the slopes of Vesuvius and of course the huge amount of cultural and artistic and historical heritage that the city reserve and not forgetting the bubbling Neapolitan cuisine.


located south of the peninsula sorrentina, geographically East of Amalfi. It is a tourist town that offersmany starting points because it connects many countries and places in southern Campania as the nearby Vietri sul mare. The history of Salerno offers many cultural offerings to visitors who can immerse themselves in a world of culture dating back to the Etruscans-Sannitica, Norman etc ..., to visit remembers:

  • The aqueduct of Salerno
  • The Provincial Archaeological Museum
  • The monastery of San Benedetto and to relax in beautiful and quiet walks the Lungomare Trieste.


also located south of the Sorrento peninsula, in a central location, Amalfi by watching the Mediterranean faces southward and offering occasionally on theclearest days the view of the Aeolian Islands. Amalfi so it's outside of the Gulf of Naples, just like Salerno, but tourism is a strategic point because it is located right in the middle of the Amalfi coast, which includes the historic villages and towns with breathtaking views. All villages overlooking the sea to the East and West of Amalfi have something to offer and all reserve banks jagged and lovely sea outlet and preserved behind them in the northern part all the natural beauty of the reserve Valle delle ferriere.


despite being just 50 km from Naples, Sorrento, overlooking the northern part of the peninsula, South of the Gulf of Naples is still a strategic town also for tourism. From the naval port of Sorrento in fact can be reached very easily by means of special ferry to the island of Capri. The city of Sorrento still offers potential sites of no small importance, here are some places to visit:
  • Cathedral of Saints Philip and James;
  • Basilica of Sant'Antonino;
  • Santi Felice e Baccolo;
  • St Paul's Church;
  • Sanctuary of our Lady of Mount Carmel.