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After the devastating earthquake in late August in Amatrice and in Central Italy that has caused many deaths and a large number of displaced persons due to the collapse of housing, there was a tangible sign of the sensitive heart and Sorrento that through a local association is immediately sending a lorry load of aid for those in need of the countries affected by the earthquake.  

breathing heart of Sorrento 
For Sorrento this is not a boast, but a duty, a vested interest to the next, that same interest that Burns has always been the heart of the Neapolitans towards everyone, in good times and in bad times. That same heart that is as much known for the hospitality of the visitors and tourists and that at the appropriate time is filled with pride and civic sense in helping neighbor in need.  
That's why the Sorrento peninsula is a place to visit, because beauty is not only in the landscape and the culture, but is found in a similar manner in every service offered to the visitor. The Neapolitan, Sorrentino, the Abbey and all inhabitants of the Gulf of Naples are open hearted, sentimental people, people who do the welcome on their way of life.  
We are proud to be part of this land, we are proud to show you our kindness and goodness of the places we can visit, we are proud to say that we have helped and continue to do so our brothers in trouble, ready to accommodate them when their current rough patch will be passed andwill enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  
Further information on: http://www.napolitoday.it/cronaca/lions-aiuti-amatrice-sorrento-1-settembre-2016.html