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Events in Campania: on stage the masterpieces of the great Caravaggio

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After an intense tour of Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, you can find relax in Naples with the masterpieces of the great Caravaggio. Among the events in Campania, this is one of most culturally interesting and addictive.

The event called Tableaux vivants is a representation of the most important paintings of Caravaggio and will be situated at Museo Diocesano of Naples. Thanks to Sorrento Car Service you don’t care about the plan of the travel: we take care of your holidays in the Amalfi Coast, Naples is near the Amalfi Coast and you can get there easily and do not miss events in Campania.

The first show is on 10 January, 2016 and you will attend at 21 representations of masterpiece of Caravaggio under an amazing play of light, characteristic of the style of the Italian author.

Events in Campania dates show: 

10 and 24 January  

14 and 29 February

13 and 27 March

17 and 24 April  

8 and 22 May  

12 and 26 June   



Ticket price:

visit museum + Tableaux vivants €10