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Amalfi Coast events: Ravello Music Festival

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Among the Amalfi Coast Events, Ravello Music Festival is the most important because it’s dedicated to the great Wagner who visited Ravello and was enchanted and also because every year attracts high level artists, actors, musicians, conductors, orchestras.

Ravello Music Festival is an historic occasion of the Amalfi Coast Events and one of the most ancient event in Italy. If you think to organize Amalfi Coast tour, you can’t miss this appointment with international music.  

For this reason and for its historical and cultural importance, Ravello has won the title of “City of Music”: every year music lovers and tourist choose to plan a Sorrento and Amalfi Coast tour and stop at Ravello Music Festival.

Ravello City was born in the sixth century and which was then inhabited by group of nobles from the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, rebelled against the authority of the doge. Ravello was chosen because it is located on a well-defensible position and quickly became prosperous. In the centuries it has also lost its flourishing economy but today is revalued for its architectural beauty and its stunning scenery.

On the beautiful stage overlooking the sea of Villa Rufolo, took turns as artists excellent orchestras (Staatskapelle from Dresda, Münchner Philharmoniker, Royal Philharmonic,…),famous conductor (Ashkenazy, Barbirolli, Barenboim, Chung,…); soloists (Argerich, Asciolla, Canino, Cassado, Ciccolini, Glass,...); famous jazz musicians (Bollani, Caine, Hancock,…).

And also opera singers (Behrens, Christoff, Cura, Domingo, Jerusalem, Meier,…) and pop (Noa, Ranieri, Toquinho); actors and directors (Malkovich, Margarethe von Trotta, Abbas Kiarostami, Fernando Meirelles, Dino Risi, Toni Servillo, Mario Martone,…).

The 2016 calendar is still under work.

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Belvedere di Villa Rufolo (750 seats)
Villa Rufolo, Giardini (100 seats)
Villa Rufolo, Sala dei Cavalieri (240 seats)

Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer (400 seats)
Villa Rufolo, Auditorium (140 seats)
Villa Rufolo, Cappella


Info: www.ravellofestival.com
tel. +39 089 858360 
fax +39 089 8586278 

tel. +39 089 858422 
fax +39 089 8586278               

If you are interested in classical music in Ravello, you can follow the calendar of the concerts at this site: http://www.ravelloarts.org/festival/concerts.html