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Tour of Pompeii Museum and Neapolitan Pizza

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Full – Day Tour duration: 8-9 hours

You will meet your driver at the hotel ready to star the journey to the Tour of Pompeii Museum. You will reach the highway driving towards Pompeii. From the main road to Pompeii you will admire a stunning view of the Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano, last eruption was in March 1944, on the opposite site you will enjoy the view on the entire bay of Naples, with its islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida and the Sorrento Peninsula. Our first stop will be Pompeii, the ancient Roman city destroyed by a terrible eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD.
Before to start the Tour of Pompeii Museum, here you will see the remains of the city and its highlights: the Forum with all the public buildings,the Curia, the Basilica, Apollo's Temple, the Eumachia Building, the Macellum; the original roads with shops and houses, the Theater, the Lupanare, preserved stuccoes and mosaics and you will not miss the plaster casts of the victims, caught in their last moments.
After the visit, the driver will take you to Naples. Naples is the most important city of the South of Italy, once was the capital of the prosperous kingdom of the two Sicilies, traces of its glorious and ancient past are everywhere. Before the visit to the archeological museum, you will have for lunch the most famous Neapolitan food in the world: pizza! the pizza was born in 1734, the margherita pizza at the end of the eighteenth century. The pizza is called magherita (daisy) , because the slices of mozzarella cheese were made by forming daisy petals. After this delicious lunch, you will have enough time to start a Tour of Pompeii Museum. The archeological museum of Naples is one of the oldest and most important archaeological museums in the world. It contains a large collection of Roman artifacts from the sites of the Vesuvian area such as Pompeei and Herculaneum but even the sculptures collection of the Farnese family, which boasts among the statues, the Farnese Bull, the Hercules Farnese coming from the Caracalla baths in Rome. Not to be missed one the most famous mosaics, found in the House of the Faun, representing Alexander the Great and Darius III, the secret cabinet with erotic frescoes and artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum, the blue vase, of the first century BC in cameo glass double-layer ,one dark blue and the other white, with cupids harvesters.After the visit the driver will take you back to hotel.

Rate include: vehicle (Mercedes sedan/van full a/c) and English speaking driver, highway tolls, car fuel, parking.

Rate exclude: entrance fees, lunch licensed guide and gratuities. Private guide service is available upon request at an extra charge.

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